Fellini Satyricon

Fellini Satyricon

…What does the poet say?

A perverse fantasy from a truly unhinged mind. This is a film that will really require some preparation before entering such an odd experience. The whole movie is deliberately made to provide a sense of disconnection with the experience itself. Even the voices are overdubbed and often not in sync with the actor’s lips, all of which adds to the off-kilter presentation. This is without a doubt one of the weirdest movies I have ever seen. The stark, forsaken imagery is as haunting as any you’ll see in a horror movie; so tepid, it almost borders on the inane, yet it remains nothing but fascinating to watch. The plot is merely a device to hold all the other pieces together, and it is at best incongruous. Fellini obviously succeeds at creating exactly the kind of film he wants to create.

The film is actually multiple parts that are at best tenuously tied together by character and prose; a more disconnective film you will have a hard time finding. This is truly a film that stands beyond recommendation; know what you’re getting yourself into, and if it’s what you wish to, then you’ll walk away from it fully realized.

Arbitrary Rating: 8/10


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