From now on, we are enemies; you and I.

This is a film that is rare among classics, and even the epics through which it shares its storytelling. It is fully and satisfyingly entertaining from beginning to end. Amadeus is a fascinating film that’s anchored by excellent filmmaking and a star-studded two leading performances.

Right off the bat, we’re treated to the music of Mozart opening the dramatic story, a trope we will see with just regularity throughout the picture. None of the actors stunt their dialogue with embarrassingly phony period accents, which though may have added to the grandeur, would’ve otherwise provided unnecessary distraction from the real meat and potatoes of the film: the story.

F. Murray Abraham absolutely outshines everyone on screen whenever he appears on it. Such a performance is legendary, a one in a million. The only other person who comes close to matching Abraham is Tom Hulce as the titular Mozart, giving a once in a lifetime performance. You’ll remember Mozart’s ingratiating laugh more than anything else in the film. The cut is beautifully edited, almost composed, as it were, to the tone of the orchestra.

Absolutely sublime, and what’s better is that it rarely feels too long for its lengthy running time. You will be entranced from start to finish with this one.

Arbitrary Rating: 10/10


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