The Wolf Man

The Wolf Man

...When the wolfbane blooms, and the autumn moon is bright.

The Wolfman is notable for it’s revolutionary makeup effects more than anything else, and it is this revolutionary makeup that places it on this list. Unfortunately, there’s not much else to merit watching this film other than the historical value. Not that this is a bad film, by no means, but I look for uniqueness and that something extra special that I can use to recommend films to people, and aside from the fantastic makeup effects and good horror sense, this doesn’t have much else extra going for it.

Makeup & special effects fans will definitely want to check this one out, as will horror fans, as it is a good classic film, and there’s really no reason not to recommend it. On the flip side, there’s no real reason to give it a “must see” recommendation either. But, like I said, there’s nothing wrong with the film, and it is at least a well made one nonetheless.

Arbitrary rating: 7/10


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