The Usual Suspects

The Usual Suspects

My guess is, you'll never hear from him again.

The Usual Suspects is a great, great film. Not just because of how its made, which it is made very well, but because it has that extra special something that puts it above other films of the same caliber: a dynamite story. That and Kevin Spacey.

Spacey is absolutely fantastic as the sarcastic and straight-talking Verbal Kint, someone who doesn’t use his handicap get in the way of having some of the best lines in the script. And speaking of which, the script is easily one of the best of the decade. So fantastically witty, it rolls off the tongue and the ear like a bunch of dice, and is just as well constructed as it is well acted. Truly the script is the reason this film made it.

I love how rewatchable this film is (the hallmark of a great film for me); even knowing the story, you can lose yourself in the ride all over again as easily as the first time through. This is on the Must See list for all the right reasons, especially its unbelievable twist ending, which I won’t give away. If you haven’t seen this film, I pity you; do yourself a great justice and do so immediately.

Arbitrary Rating:  10/10


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