Forbidden Planet

Forbidden Planet

Monsters! Monsters from the id!

The film that paved the way for all other future big-budget sci-fi films after it, Forbidden Planet is a great film for many great reasons. With excellent named actors and a tightly written script, this film broke the badly constructed mold that sci-fis were known for at the time.

The production value of the film is very well utilized, and the musical score is equally trippy and unsettling. Leslie Nielsen, now known mainly for his comedy roles, was once a well-regarded dramatic actor, and while this is hardly a serious film, it certainly is not an unserious one, and he handles the material very well, as do his supporting players. The pace is rather stifling, and the film definitely feels longer than its hour-and-a-half running time, which may work against it, but it is watchable nonetheless.

This is a landmark science fiction film, and one that rightly deserves its place on the Must See list. If you’re interested in a little bit of sci-fi history and don’t mind a bit of exposition, give this one a go. It’s definitely worth the trip.

Arbitrary Rating: 8/10


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