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Freaks is an interesting film, mostly in that it uses actual carnival freaks as most of its principle cast. Outside of this, however, if you’re wanting to watch this for story or entertainment, there’s little real reason to spend your time on it (and at just over an hour, there’s very little time to spend). This is a novelty film pure and simple; watching the cast of oddballs go through the same tribulations and worries that we all do is quite the experience, but it’s not a great film by any standard. Then again, the list is not just about great films, but films that for one reason or another you must see before you die, and this is certainly a unique experience. By the end, however, the realization that they are all a family and will protect each other no matter what (or who) comes their way is an endearing one indeed. Completionists and diehards will be able to get through this just fine, but a general audience won’t be interested in this one.

Arbitrary Rating: 5/10


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