You're the most adorable cog I've ever seen.

Ninotchka is a comedy from Hollywood’s golden year of 1939 directed by Ernst Lubitsch and starring Greta Garbo. Ernst Lubitsch is a name that should raise a few eyes, as he is a highly regarded director in just about all of his films. Here, his craft is fully realized, and makes this a fine romance with touches of humor in all the right ways.

The Lubitsch touch is on fine display here. The comedy bits are very humorous thinking of them in a Soviet context, and much humor is made of Ninotchka being a fish out of water here in Paris. Like most Lubitsch comedies, the real fun with this one is the wordplay; the script is quite comedic both in text and in situation. Garbo is a delight in her role as a purely Russian envoy caught in a Parisian’s sights.

To talk of a Lubitsch film is to talk of its fine quality, and Ninotchka has quality in spades. This isn’t a rom-com in the sort of derogatory way that phrase is often used; this is the way a rom-com ought to be. Definitely give this one a chance to win you over.

Arbitrary Rating: 8/10


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