Mr. Rusk, you're not wearing your tie.

The final film in my second Hitchcock-a-thon, and the penultimate film in the man’s career, Frenzy is a much more British film than we’re used to seeing from Hitchcock since he made the trip to America. It’s much more real rather than Hollywood, though the story is still vintage Hitchcock, albeit adapted from a source novel.

Here, Hitchcock makes a much more vulgar and crass film than the professional pieces of work he normally puts forth. The Hitchcock plot is still here; the innocent man wrongfully accused of the crime, it just appears in the veneer of more of a Brian de Palma film than a Hitchcock one. The bits with the detective and his wife constantly cooking him inedible meals was quite humorous as well. The ending was quite thrilling in comparison to the rather lukewarm lead-up the rest of the movie had been, however.

This was a much more simply made film, more gritty than we are used to from Hitchcock, but the signature Hitchcockian bits are still there to be found. All in all, this was a much more basic and rehashed Hitchcock film than I was used to seeing, and if I were to lead someone on an expedition through Hitchcock, this would be one of the later works I’d hesitantly recommend, if at all.

Arbitrary Rating: 7/10


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