Flaming Creatures

Flaming Creatures

Ali Baba comes today.

Flaming Creatures is one of the most controversial film releases in cinematic history. When the film was first released, the police came in and seized the film, that’s how controversial it was. The film is essentially a trans-gender orgy, and that’s pretty much all it is. Opulent filmography, frequently obscene and sexual imagery covering the screen; this is not a film as much as it is a fetishistic porno. I assume this is in the book because of its extreme controversy, because there’s little else here that makes this must see viewing.

Admittedly, the print I saw of this film was of extremely low quality (if indeed it wasn’t the film itself), so much so that you can barely make out the opening title cards, but I could still make out a lot, and what I made out was just pure depravity in crystalline form. This film offers nothing else; even in its tepid moments, there is nothing happening other than voyeurism, again another fetish that the film seems to be packing in. Unless you’re looking into a controversial episode in film history, there is absolutely no reason to subject yourself to this one.

Arbitrary Rating: 2/10


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