Ears that only a mother could love.

Dumbo is officially the fourth animated feature in the Walt Disney canon, and it has inexplicably made its way onto the Must See list as well. I wouldn’t classify this animated film as a must see; there are more qualified applicants that surely could have made the list, but again, I’m probably thinking about it a little too hard. At the very least, Dumbo is enjoyable, if a bit intentionally hokey for the younger crowd.

The film is very simplistically made, but generously animated, all to create a cavalcade of wonderment and motion to appease its admittedly young audience. Even the color of the entire production is entirely designed to evoke certain emotions at certain periods. Although there’s plenty for the older crowd to get all nostalgic about as well, not to mention the now infamous “pink elephants” sequence that results from Dumbo and Timothy the Mouse drinking alcohol-laced water. Talk about getting crap past the radar.

When you delve into early Disney, you know what you’re getting, and that is more true for Dumbo than for just about any other Disney flick (aside from the psychedelic pink elephants; that’s something you don’t really see coming). At 64 minutes, it’s economical as well, so if you haven’t seen it, plot out some time to do so, with the kids if you have any.

Arbitrary Rating: 7/10


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