United 93

United 93

Let's roll.

Paul Greengrass has the distinction of having two films on the Must See list, both of which have since been removed. United 93 is the first of these films, and is one that is an unforgettable experience for many reasons.

For one, its a 9/11 tale told pretty much in the wake of 9/11; there was no waiting for the dust to settle before it was deemed “okay” to make a film about this event. Mostly because, and secondly, it is such an important and heroic tale that it screamed Hollywood pretty much from the get-go, and thankfully this adaptation of true events does not disappoint. Paul Greengrass was the right director to tackle this style of film; very fly-on-the-wall, very frantic style of shooting and editing that ramps up the tension and anxiety to the level it almost certainly was on that fateful day. The rest of the film is well done, but that is what’s really important; the energy, that special action that makes you feel like you’re really there. I’m not normally a fan of this style, but here it works splendidly.

Don’t let the stigma of 9/11 deter you from watching this one, for whatever reason. It doesn’t glorify either side of the conflict; it merely humbly presents a rough account of what happened on that day, and it is quite good at what it does. For the spirit of those involved, or for the remembrance of a great event of a fateful day, take the time out to watch this one. You won’t be disappointed.

Arbitrary Rating: 8/10

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