Blonde Cobra

Blonde Cobra

Mother? Mooooootheeeerrr....?

Blonde Cobra is a short directed by Ken Jacobs that features filmmaker and all-around weirdo Jack Smith (known for Flaming Creatures). Here, he stars in what can generously be called a film; it’s really a disjointed series of vignette-like images mostly of Smith, as it seems, being Smith. Brief, staccato-like editing punctuates the surreal and nearly vapid disconnection the film has with its audience. This film doesn’t care that you’re watching it, or even that it was made at all. This is merely a window into one man’s mind, albeit a fractured window with many scratches and pieces missing.

Why this is a must see I have no idea, other than the pure absurdity of it. This isn’t structured surrealism like Un Chien Andalou; this is just madness on celluloid. I’m not quite sure if a film could possibly be more absurd than Blonde Cobra, and thus it joins the ranks of Murder, My Sweet and The Searchers as the epitome of its particular….genre. If anything said so far has piqued your interest, give it a shot; it’s currently on Youtube and it’s only about 30 minutes long, though it may feel longer than that. Otherwise, you won’t be missing much of an experience to be had before you die, other than the truly one-of-a-kind-ness of it.

Arbitrary Rating: 4/10


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