The Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments

Let my people go!

The Ten Commandments is an epically epic epic directed by the epic Cecil B. DeMille, and epically starring the equally epic Charlton Heston, with epic acting, epic cinematography, epic production value, and an epic score to epically dramatize (in an epic fashion) every epic moment in this epically epic film. And boy, is it epic.

Every single detail of this film is designed to be as epic as possible, and every second of the resulting film bleeds epic from every pore. So much so that it actually gets sickening to watch at times, like a cake with too much sugar. Nevertheless, it is a decent film, if a bit rocky and blase in its strict adherence to all things epic. Charlton Heston has rarely been better, and his booming bass voice and strong demeanor and physique were built for epics such as this and Ben-Hur, and the supporting cast are all fairly decent.

Nowadays a mainstay on network TV lineups around Easter-time (and hence, how seeing it again this weekend prompted this review), this is a hefty burden to place on any moviegoer, but one that rewards those who do put in the time with an experience on a scale unlike practically any other. If you’re not into the whole epic scene, or can’t handle the scale for whatever reason (understandable; the film is almost 4 hours long), you might wanna stay away from this one. Fans will have seen this one already, and if not, will likely make the time to. You won’t find an epic more epically epic than this.

Arbitrary Rating: 7/10


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