Three Colors: Blue (Trois Couleurs: Bleu)

Three Colors: Blue

I have only one thing left to do: nothing.

Three Colors: Blue is the first in Krzysztof Kieslowski’s trilogy inspired by the ideals behind the three colors of the French flag, and it is a whopper of a film. It seems so misgiving at first glance, so innocent and demure, but it wields a power unlike that of almost any other film out there. I greatly admired Kieslowski’s Decalogue, and was curious as to how I’d find this one. Well, I can tell you, I am now a huge fan, and Kieslowski garners from me a title of artisan of the cinema.

What sticks out most about the film is the imagery. The film contains some absolutely beautiful images, evocative and impactful; the film will stay with you if for no other reason than for this. Each shot seems to be carefully diagrammed and composed with an eye for gorgeous cinematography and framing; all the tools of cinema are used to give us a wealth of unforgettable images, and it is truly something to behold even if you’re not paying attention to the plot. The story itself takes some time to really get itself set up for the road to the conclusion, but it is still incredibly affecting the whole way through. The lead actress, Juliette Binoche, might be a recognizable name to some, but here she is masterful with her role, giving off subtle traces of emotion right when she needs to, and playing each note exactly right.

This film is absolutely beautiful in every way, and it rightfully deserves to be placed among so many other great films you must see before you die. I don’t really know what else to say about this one other than to see it if ever you get the chance. Even if you’re a snob about subtitles, this film is so gorgeous every step of the way that you’ll be won over regardless of the language the film is in. I’ve found one of my new all-time favorite directors, and I can only hope his other two works on the list are as good as this one was.

Arbitrary Rating: 10/10


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