I Know Where I’m Going!

I Know Where I'm Going!

Right? Left? No, straight on!

I Know Where I’m Going! is yet another film by Powell & Pressburger, who thanks to the list I have become a big fan of. This is probably the weakest of their works on the list that I’ve seen thus far, but it is still enjoyable and entertaining enough to warrant a look from any casual moviegoer who enjoys the classics. The story this time deals with a young socialite stuck en route to her marriage at an island with one of the most weirdly named romantic interests in film, Torquil MacNeil. Naturally, she soon becomes drawn to the man, and must decide between her assuring marriage, and a man she has only recently met.

The film opens with a somewhat schmaltzy gimmick that gives the film its title (complete with accompanying title song), and from there takes a stroll down ordinary lane, in the land of romantic semi-comedies. Aside from the ordinary nature of the plot, I wasn’t too impressed with this as I was with other Powell & Pressburger films, for several reasons. For one, this P&P film was not shot with cinematographer Jack Cardiff, and thus doesn’t contain the gorgeous cinematography, either black & white or Technicolor, that films like The Red Shoes, Black Narcissus, and even A Matter of Life & Death contained. Another reason was the predictability of the story; I mentioned it was ordinary, and in this I mean it is very by-the-books; the main character sure knows where she is going, and you almost certainly will too.

I spent the majority of this review talking about the things the film lacked in comparison to other P&P films, and that might be a bit unfair to this film. It is still an entertaining film regardless of what it lacks; it just shines far less than its siblings, and thus if you’re doing a Powell & Pressburger marathon, it might seem like a bad film. It is mostly not, aside from a predictable plot that spend a little too much time in the mid-section. This sure doesn’t seem like a recommendation, but if you haven’t seen any films by the directing duo, this is a great place to start off with, and even if you have, there’s worse ways to spend a mere hour and a half completing your collection.

Arbitrary Rating: 7/10

One thought on “I Know Where I’m Going!

  1. I was not a fan of this one simply because I couldn’t stand Joan as a character. I still say Torquil would have been better off if he’d run off with Catriona. I’d take that as a happy ending.

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