The Bigamist

The Bigamist

For the first time, I felt needed…

Ida Lupino is considered one of the foremost pioneers of women filmmakers, and this film would be the only time she would ever direct herself in a feature. The Bigamist is an often familiar tale in satire and comedy, but here played for straight drama, about a man who winds up with two separate women and families who each have no idea the other exists. There’s really not much else to the plot that’s substantial, but this still manages to be entertaining regardless, even if it is a little aimless at times.

The film is very competently directed, in that the film very rarely shows its seams or its construction; you rarely get the sense that you’re watching a film, so for that this gets high marks. However, the flip side of that coin is that the film has very few outstanding features worthy of note, so there is very little to say about the film itself. The star of the picture is without question the story, and the story itself has a number of events that it goes through almost like a checklist, furthering the plot for the sake of furthering the plot. This can get annoying in a film that doesn’t utilize its story correctly, and The Bigamist toed that line, but for me it was at the very least acceptable.

I’ve mentioned that the film seemed a bit aimless, which may be a detraction for many viewers, but I found it to be entertaining enough through the short running time (at a mere 80 minutes, this definitely doesn’t overstay its welcome). Still, I was a little confused as to why this made the list, aside from the archetypal story that spawned so many distant relatives, especially in television. Regardless, there’s plenty of worse ways you could spend 80 minutes of your time; give this a shot and see if it wins you over a little more than it did me.

Arbitrary Rating: 7/10


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