Enter the Dragon

Enter the Dragon

Destroy the image, and you will break the enemy.

Anyone who knows “guy movies” knows Bruce Lee’s Enter the Dragon, probably the ultimate in foreign martial arts flicks. This film ended up on such a huge radar that even the film’s bit players, like Jackie Chan, would go on to have huge careers of their own. So, is the film itself really worth all the hype and fame it accrued? Honestly, I’m not really sure; I couldn’t figure out why this one, rather than another, was the game-changer and massively popular breakout hit to bring martial arts movies to the west, but I can live with it.

There’s nothing too overly notable about the film’s technicals, but of course, one can’t go without mentioning the fight choreography, done by Bruce Lee himself. The fight sequences are what made the film such a huge success, and they continue to entertain decades after the film’s release. The film is also probably the preeminent example of bad overdubbing; it got incredibly distracting, to the point where I almost wished the film were in a foreign language so there’d be an excuse for it.

There were a number of moments throughout that seemed very cheesy or corny, and the film has aged rather poorly outside the fighting, but this is still an entertaining fight movie that just seems to focus a little more on the rather shoddy plot than it really needed to. If you haven’t seen this one, chances are you’ve seen enough of the knockoffs and parodies that you don’t really need to, but still, give it a shot and see the original for what it is.

Arbitrary Rating: 7/10


One thought on “Enter the Dragon

  1. The reason to see this movie is to see people being badass. In fact, the inclusion of John Saxon was distracting to me because I just didn’t see him as anywhere near as badass as the other competitors.

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