The Naked Gun

The Naked Gun

Cops and women don’t mix. Like eating a spoonful of Drano.

The Naked Gun is a film I think everyone reading this has heard of, in one way or another. Positively, and negatively, the film is indelible in the culture of American comedy. But is it really worth a place on a must-see film list? Well, comedy films certainly warrant inclusion in some way, but whether The Naked Gun is one of them can be argued by just about anyone who’s seen it. I hadn’t seen it until just now, and while I’d heard that it was crass and stupid and appeals to the lowest common denominator, and while all this is pretty much true, I still laughed my ass off watching it.

The film redefined the concept of low-brow humor. All the gags make no sense in the context of the film, and even the humorous spoken dialogue often seemed out of place and only there to provide a cheap laugh. Still, with all its absurdly stupid humor, there’s something perversely satisfying watching Leslie Nielsen beat the crap out of all the world’s terrorist dignitaries. Even though I found the humor stupid and low-brow, I still laughed and smiled at almost everything the film threw at me, so I can’t hold it against the movie.

I wanted to dislike this a great deal, even while it was going on. Alas, I could not; it was too funny. If there’s any derogatory comedy that abandons logic and reason in favor of cheap laughs, but laughs nonetheless, that should make the list, I’m pleased that it was The Naked Gun. I can’t speak for the sequels, as I’ve pretty much avoided this type of film my whole life, but I’m about to say something I never would’ve thought I’d ever say: I’m happy to have seen The Naked Gun. If this movie can bypass my particular barriers, there’s little reason for you to not give it a chance yourself.

Arbitrary Rating: 7/10


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