I’m life, Annie, and I’m biting you in the ass!

I wasn’t shocked to see Bridesmaids make the list, especially when they removed The Hangover to do it. Bridesmaids won popular and critical acclaim upon its release, and even garnered a few awards nominations from some of its cast. That being said, it’s a Judd Apatow production, so I was immediately on my guard. The film opens with a couple having sex, for instance, and then continues with two girls hanging out making dick jokes. Smartly written dick jokes, but dick jokes nonetheless.

This film tries so hard to utterly master the comedy of the awkward moment. Whenever the humor isn’t deliberately raunchy or low-brow humor, it tried incredibly to squeeze out as much awkwardness as it could, and in my opinion, it tried way too hard and way too often. There were times where the movie made me laugh out loud, and times where I actually said out loud, “okay, enough already”. Everything was just so drawn out far beyond the point that a normal person would’ve found it funny already. The film was just the prime example of ‘too much’ for me, too much… everything.

In terms of this making the list, I can see how it did, and I’d much rather have this than The Hangover be on there, but for me, it’d be choosing the lesser of two evils. I’ve never taken to Judd Apatow’s style of humor, and this was no exception; there were a few moments that were genuinely hilarious, but they were few and far between, and everything in between was just awkward to the point of absurdity, and not the good, funny kind. I don’t know how to recommend this, but I really don’t need to; if this is your kind of movie, you’ve either seen it already or you know you’re going to see it. If it isn’t, you weren’t planning on going out of your way to, and I feel okay in saying, you don’t need to.

Arbitrary Rating: 6/10

2 thoughts on “Bridesmaids

  1. I disliked this movie quite a bit. I laughed a total of one time the entire movie (the tackle on the plane). I really didn’t need to see a bunch of people simultaneously vomiting and having diarrhea and I finally ended up fastforwarding to the end of the scene because it was going on so long. I’d pick The Hangover over Bridesmaids any day of the week.

    • Well, I absolutely detested The Hangover. At least this one made me laugh a handful of times; The Hangover was just everything that I take personal offense to and think is what’s wrong with cinema today in a single movie. And yeah, the bridesmaids’ dress scene went on too long, and that was my major problem with the movie; everything went on way longer than it should’ve.

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