Open Your Eyes (Abre los ojos)

Open Your Eyes

Tell me something… Do you believe in God?

Open Your Eyes is probably better known in America under the remake Vanilla Sky, starring Tom Cruise. I’d seen Vanilla Sky, and found it interesting, and had no idea that it was a remake of a foreign film. Well, apparently, it was provocative and unique enough a sci-fi drama to warrant a spot on the list, and they opted to go with the original, forcing me to see it in turn. While I understood most of the film the first go-through thanks to having already seen its remake, a lot of it felt eerily similar, and I wasn’t sure if that was good or not.

The film details the life of Cesar, a 20-something looker who can have pretty much any girl he wants. He meets a girl, Sofia, at a party, and after a single night they fall in love. Well, that doesn’t sit too well with one of Cesar’s ex-flings, Nuria, and she connives him into her car, and promptly crashes it into a wall, killing herself and horribly disfiguring Cesar’s face. From there, the film delves into its blurry and ethereal dream-like science fiction, and in case you haven’t seen this or Vanilla Sky, I won’t spoil it for you, but the lines between dream and reality are crossed several times, and while it may be confusing during a first viewing, rest assured the ending explains everything and makes it all make sense.

Maybe it was because I’d technically seen this before, but I was left with little to say about this. There was nothing standout, aside from the sci-fi elements, that really made this a must see. It was entertaining enough, for certain, but don’t go into this expecting the film to wow you or take your breath away. This is more of a mindtrip than a film that sells itself to you on the technicals, and in that, the film succeeds highly, and usually those are my type of films, and I probably would’ve enjoyed Abre los Ojos better had I not seen the remake, but them’s the breaks. If you want a film to make you think, this will be a pretty good candidate, but like I said, don’t expect the wow factor to kick in with this one.

Arbitrary Rating: 7/10


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