Deep End

Deep End

Get out. I don’t need you anymore.

Normally, when a film from the list is somewhat difficult to find, it’s usually not worth the time to watch it, I’ve found. For varying reasons, each one has been a bit of a let-down. With Deep End, however, it wasn’t that it was a let-down; it’s that it was so single-minded that it grew almost uncomfortable to watch. Deep End can best be described as a sexual odyssey, a coming-of-age/maturity story unlike any other I’ve seen so far from the list; one of drive and hormonally charged young experiences. It’s a titillating film, filled not with innuendo but with blatant fooling around, though nothing explicit is ever shown.

So, yeah; right from the opening seconds, you know this is gonna be a class act. A drop of blood appears on what seems to be a bike seat, and just as suddenly, the whole screen starts throbbing the same shade of red, as folk rock music explodes out of the screen. It is unbelievably striking, and caught my attention immediately. If this was the film’s intention, it worked very well, because I was paying the film more attention that I probably would have otherwise. Unfortunately, this only served to point out to me more of the film’s technical flaws. The film sure sounded like the majority of the sound was overdubbed, and it was very noticeable, especially when people were talking in rather loud areas, so naturally I was a bit annoyed, but I made do with it in time. The script and the cinematography could best be described as blasé; maybe that was the mood it was trying to convey, the mood and sensibility of the British youth of the times, but it didn’t make for a very engaging and well-thought-out film.

I found it humorous that the book called this “a date film to see before you die”. I don’t think anybody in their right mind would sit down with a date and see this film; it is so sexually charged, it would be only natural that their date would get second thoughts as to your intentions, unless those are your intentions after all. Still, the film was an interesting experience to be had, though I don’t know if anyone would willingly like to have this experience, so recommending it would be a tad difficult. I can see how it made the list, but I’ll be thankful to not have to watch this again, both because it was so deliberately erotic and because it was so blandly uninterested with itself and with me as a viewer, which left me just as uninterested. See it if you’re completing the list like me, but otherwise, there’s really no real reason to watch this one.

Arbitrary Rating: 6/10


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