Epilogue (2014 Update)

There is still more to be had.

A new year means a new edition of the Book, and thanks to Tips from Chip, we now know that the leaked entries from two months ago are in fact correct, which means the quest is on once again. Chip has also been amazing enough to update the list order to account for the new additions as well as the removals, which have been placed at the end of their respective years, and I have updated the list on this site as well.

I already have reviews for two of the new entries typed up (as I was 100% positive both would make the list), so those’ll filter out eventually, and I will probably take my time with the new entries, as since I finished in August I’ve gotten quite used to not having a plethora of films to watch as well as write reviews for, so not only will my pacing be much more relaxed, it seems that my initial prognosis that this site would be a self-contained exercise is becoming more certain. Whether that prognosis will change in the future is up for debate, but for now, I’ve got around a dozen new films to watch.

Here’s to more films, now and in the coming years.


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