2015 Update

Here we go again!

A shiny new version of the Book has been released, adding 10 films from 2013-14 to the roster. I have currently seen 4 of them, and have reviews already written for 3, so expect those out in the coming weeks or so, depending on what order I feel like watching the new ones in. Based on the three reviews I already have done, as well as my initial expectations towards some of the new ones, this looks to be a much stronger year than 2013, even with three less entries, though the average might get thrown off a little bit by one or two of the new ones; more on that when I review them.

Once again, big thanks to Chip for the new ordering and confirming the new entries; my list has been updated, and I’ll likely get to the list on the wiki today as well.

Thanks to those who’ve stopped by during the roughly eight month hiatus this site ended up taking after I finished the 2013 films; it’s nice to know I wasn’t totally forgotten even after (and especially because) I finished the quest last year.

With that all said, let’s begin!


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