Phase Two

Been saving this for Oscar Sunday. πŸ™‚

So, I’ve had some time to consider what to do now that the 1001 List is complete for me. This consideration has been going on for the past week or so, and has stemmed from a few instigating reasons:

-I wanted to keep this blog going, even through the dead patches in between each successive edition of the List, and I wasn’t sure of how to go about doing that.
-In looking through other movie lists, there’s one that caught my eye on Letterboxd: a list of every film ever nominated for an Academy Award in any category. It features almost 5,000 films and spans the entire history of the Academy, including every nominee in every single category, even the defunct ones. 5,000 films is a hell of a list, and a hell of a goal, but it’s not going to be my goal, for two main reasons: It would take a really friggin’ long time, and I don’t want to watch some of those films that were nominated in some of the lesser categories (I’m looking at you, Norbit)(You too, Fifty Shades of Grey).
-I’ve been greatly enjoying 1001Plus Steve’s ongoing Oscar feature, which is basically going through the above list but limited to only the Big 5 Academy Awards (plus the animated features), and sharing his input on what he believes should have won for a category in a particular year once he’s seen every nominee for that award. If you’re an Oscar nut like I tend to be, you might want to favorite or bookmark his blog; it’s great reading, especially about films that you might not have heard of (that were Oscar nominated nonetheless).
-My work schedule has lessened as of late, now that the holidays are over, which lately has led to the final reason:
-I’m bored.

It’s mostly that last one, though. I spent most of last week with very little to do, and before the week was out, I had figured out what my antsy feeling was indicating, what fuel that little flame inside me was trying to gather for itself: I wanted to watch some movies.

To that end, I’ve made a similar decision as one that I made when I started this blog; I’d seen other 1001 blogs, as well as the Blog Club, and I’d wanted to join them, so I did. Same thing here.

I’ve decided to follow several other blogs that have done something like this (or, in some cases, exactly this) and I’m going to go ahead and attack the Oscar nominees, specifically for Best Picture. If, after I’m done, I decide to keep going with other categories, then I’ll keep going, but for now, I’m sticking to Best Picture as a sort-of litmus test.

There are currently 528 films that have been nominated for Best Picture, 531 if we include the 3 from the 1st ceremony that were nominated for Unique and Artistic Production, which since it was basically one half of what was at the time Best Picture, I am going to count them as well. Thanks to the 1001 List, I’ve seen almost half of the total nominees, so this will be a sizeable downgrade from the 1001 List in terms of how much I’ve got to finish. That’s not even considering the one nominee that has been lost, 1929’s The Patriot, as well as a few other nominees that are only available in extremely limited degrees, so this goal technically isn’t 100% achievable at the moment. Still, everything else I can get my hands on, I’m gonna try to.

I won’t, however, be going at it at the same pace as I did the 1001 list, or at least I don’t intend to; I’d like it to be a much more relaxed pace, both because of my sporadic work schedule and just to make it easier on me. I’d also like to go about it slightly differently as well; I’m opting to try and go through the nominees in order, from year to year, instead of a whatever order. This may be easier said than done, and I might not adhere to this as strictly as I’d like to, but for the most part, I’d like to keep the films in my mind a little easier by doing it this way, especially for the inevitable comparisons between nominees that will be made.

Speaking of which, I’ve found that on other blogs that have gone through Oscar nominees, there’s usually a feature of some sort that compares the nominees and decides, with the added benefit of hindsight, what should have won against what actually did win, or something to that end; Steve’s Oscar Got It Wrong being a prime example. Since it would pretty much be inevitable of me to make said comparisons myself once I actually go through the nominees, especially in order, I’m probably going to do the same, and in much the same way my ratings have been called arbitrary the whole length of this blog, I’m going the simple route and calling my segment Judging Oscar, since that’s basically what I’ll be doing. I don’t know if it will be a simple ranking of the nominees, or something a little different; I’ll figure it out when I get to the first one.

So, I’m going through the Academy Award nominees for Best Picture, roughly in order, and making my own judgment calls after each year is done as to what I think should have won versus what did win. Sounds fun, and hopefully I don’t regret deciding to go into this.

There’s a new Page up on the top bar there for the list of Best Picture nominees, and I’ll likely add a new category for the Judging Oscar segments when I get to the first one.

With all that said, let’s do this.


6 thoughts on “Phase Two

  1. A worthy mission and one that I for sure will follow. As a sucker for chronology I love the idea of starting at the beginning. Incidentally that means I will actually know a few of movies in your ranking. Good luck, have fun and watch some great movies.

  2. I love it! Feel free to snag the list off my site as a shortcut for typing it all out yourself. And thanks for the link back.

    Also, once you’re done with the movies, it’s a short hop to complete the nominated directors. In most cases, you’ll have at least three of the five nominations and in many cases, all five already done.

    • I was gonna just c&p your list, but I wanted to do it myself so I’d at least have my own formatting. I might go the lazy route in the future however, if I decide to continue into other categories.

      I wasn’t too sure if my memory would be able to hold out on some of the lesser or worser nominees, which is why I opted to go in order for the sake of the Judging Oscar segments. Same thing for only doing Best Picture as a litmus test; I was concerned I wouldn’t be able to remember specific directing or acting performances or whatnot to make a good judgment. I’ll see how things so at first.

  3. Good luck on your next phase. Like the 1001 Movies list, you’ll discover some of the nominees are hard to track down (even if they are not supposed to be). If you do run into a wall, let me know and I might be able to help you. (The 30s and 40s are the ones with the highest incidence of trouble). I’ve kept the ones I had a hard time finding when I did the Best Picture nominees. For what it’s worth – in addition to The Patriot I could not watch The White Parade because it only exists as a single copy in the UCLA film archive (which you can see if you travel there to watch it, but that wasn’t an option for me.)

    • I did know about The White Parade’s near-impossibility; in a similar vein is 1931’s East Lynne, which is also a UCLA exclusive but somehow exists as a bootleg DVD with the last reel missing. I’ve been unable to find the bootleg online so far; if you still have that one, that’ll probably be my first request, though from short reviews of those who’ve seen it it seems I wouldn’t be missing much if I were to miss that one. Still, I’m a perfectionist. πŸ™‚

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