1001 Movies: 2016 Update

Yay for new movies!

The new 1001 List is out, and we’ve got 10 new films from 2014-15. I’ve seen a small handful, and know where to get the remaining ones I haven’t seen yet, so this should be fairly easy to knock out. No real opinion as of yet on whether this year is stronger or weaker than the additions of last year, so I guess I’ll have to revisit that question once I’ve seen all of the new ones. My list on this site is updated, and I’ll get to the wiki right after this goes up as well.

I think I’m going to stagger the 1001 additions with my current Best Picture odyssey; I’m going to aim for each Sunday for the new 1001 films, as I did last year, and in the meantime I’ll keep going with the Best Picture nominees. Might be kinda weird for the next two months or so until I get caught up on the new 10, but hey; movies are movies, right? Well, as long as they don’t suck.

Thanks to those involved with getting the info on the new additions out to everyone; you know who you are, and the community thanks you. 🙂


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