1001 Movies: 2021 Update

This year’s edition of the 1001 List is out now in paperback form in the U.K. (though the hardcover version, for some reason, is delayed here in the States until December, according to Amazon), so we’ve got a small block of new films to get through! Someone had revealed these as the new additions about a week or so ago, and I’d wanted to wait for confirmation from at least one other person that these are indeed correct, but nobody else has come forward saying they’re wrong, and a few others have gotten impatient, so I’m adding them as well:

The Vast of Night (2019)
The Assistant (2019)
Rocks (2019)
Saint Maud (2019)
Tenet (2020)
Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom (2020)
Soul (2020)
Never Rarely Sometimes Always (2020)
Lovers Rock (2020)
Nomadland (2020)

It’s only ten films this year; still, who knows how long it might take me to get through them. This year’s additions are far more indie-oriented than previous years have been (which might be a good thing), and the editors have all but entirely ignored the Best Picture slate, save for Nomadland (though someone also pointed out that many of last year’s Best Picture films were actually early 2021 films due to the extension, which might explain it). Hopefully these are worth the relative obscurity; Tenet is the only one I’ve already seen, and I’d actually had minor inklings of wanting to watch it again, even with the issues it does have, so there’s no problem there. As usual, Best Picture will be on hold until these are done, which is also why I’d spaced out 1950 to give myself a good stopping point.

Here we go!

2 thoughts on “1001 Movies: 2021 Update

  1. What a weird collection of films. I’m surprised at how many 2019 films were added.

    I’m putting up a review of The Vast of Night today–it’s surprising and absolutely worth your time.

    • That’s what I’d said on Letterboxd; it’s a very uncharacteristic selection for the editors. But it’s also very indie and doesn’t rely too much on the established critical zenith of last year’s cinema, which could be a good thing ultimately.

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