About the Ratings

My rating scale is a simple 1 to 10, and is mostly based on how entertaining I find the film to be. Occasionally points are given or taken off for particular outstanding features, such as performances, cinematography, script, and editing. Here’s a basic rundown of what the ratings mean, on a scale that is totally not influenced by Rotten Tomatoes:

10: Golden. An absolute must see, this film may or may not be perfect technically, but you won’t find a more entertaining experience in cinema.

8-9: Fresh. Excellent quality all around. You won’t be disappointed from giving your time to watch one of these.

7: Average. These films are okay, done well enough in their own right, and will hold your attention through the running time.

5-6: Rotten. These films either are poorly made, poorly executed, or just flat in entertainment value. Only diehards may find some merit here.

4 or less: Poison. Either horrible quality or extremely poor to no entertainment value are all to be found here. Avoid these films if at all possible.

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