1001 Movies: 2018 Update

Thanks to the developer behind the iOS version of the 1001 Movies app, who is apparently in contact with the publishers of the list so he can keep the app updated each year, this year’s new additions to the 1001 List were “released” last month; after some clarification on the actual publishing order of the entries, it seems it’s safe to say that these are the films that will be added to the Book once the new version is released (in the U.K. only, as usually tends to happen with every other edition of the paperback version):

The Handmaiden (2016)
Dawson City: Frozen Time (2016)
Lady Macbeth (2016)
Lady Bird (2017)
The Shape of Water (2017)
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2017)
Call Me by Your Name (2017)
Mother! (2017)
Blade Runner 2049 (2017)
Get Out (2017)
Black Panther (2018)

As you can see, we have a small handful of 2016 films in addition to the field from 2017; and, in an apparent first, the editors added a film from this current year as well to the Book. Time will tell if they jumped the gun with Black Panther or not, as time usually ends up telling if the additions from any of the more recent years end up standing up to history, but it’s there now, so I’ll be getting to it sooner than later it seems (I actually haven’t seen Black Panther still, despite the reception it got, it being on home release for a few months now, as well as my having seen Infinity War even without previously watching the introduction to Wakanda, so my Black Panther viewing is a little more than overdue).

I held off on updating my list and the wiki’s until I could be sure about the additions and their ordering, as well as until I finished up with my current year on the Best Picture odyssey, which I now have, so both will be updated within minutes of this post. Like last year, my Best Picture run-through will take a small hiatus until I’ve gotten these new additions out of the way, which (again like last year) I’m hoping won’t kill my incentive to get through the classical films of decades past, but reinvigorate said quest by seeing some recent exemplary films instead of the lesser fare I’ve been knocking out to complete the annals of Best Picture.

Here’s to hoping, anyways. 🙂


1001 Movies: 2017 Update/Leak

So, after I found out that Amazon.co.uk’s entry for the next edition had updated it’s description of the volume, confirming three new films, I nonchalantly went to the Amazon.com version to see if they had changed theirs as well. They hadn’t, however, but on a whim I clicked on the Look Inside feature present on the site, which had previously shown inside one of the past editions, since the new edition was obviously not available to preview. Imagine my surprise when I found myself looking at, or rather inside, the actual new edition. Christmas in July!

Not only is the new edition of the book up for preview on Amazon, it is almost wholly intact, not just the first few pages or so; not only was I able to glean the new additions from the page numbers in the checklist at the front of the book (and the genre index at the back), the new entries are even viewable in their actual printed format, complete with the excerpts written about them for the Book’s inclusion, with only a few pages missing, the contents of which I was able to discern again through the checklist at the front or the genre/picture index at the back of the book (which amazingly is even searchable in this preview feature).

My surprise at all this aside, here’s the new additions, or at the least the new ones from 2016 (plus one outlier from 2015):

Victoria (2015)
La La Land (2016)
Hell or High Water (2016)
The Jungle Book (2016)
Jackie (2016)
Toni Erdmann (2016)
Under the Shadow (2016)
Manchester by the Sea (2016)
I, Daniel Blake (2016)
13th (2016)
Arrival (2016)
Moonlight (2016)

Considering the format of the Book seems pretty locked in at this point, given that nearly the entire thing is viewable on Amazon, I’m figuring, why the hell not: I’ll go ahead and update my list and the wiki’s once this post is done. As for how I plan to tackle the 12 new films, whether I’m gonna alternate between them and the Best Picture odyssey, or just do one of the new ones every week like I’ve done in the past, I’m not sure yet; I’ll play it by ear, I guess. I’m still amazed that all this got put up this early, and in such a complete format, but I guess I won’t complain. 😀

Happy filming!

1001 Movies: 2016 Update

Yay for new movies!

The new 1001 List is out, and we’ve got 10 new films from 2014-15. I’ve seen a small handful, and know where to get the remaining ones I haven’t seen yet, so this should be fairly easy to knock out. No real opinion as of yet on whether this year is stronger or weaker than the additions of last year, so I guess I’ll have to revisit that question once I’ve seen all of the new ones. My list on this site is updated, and I’ll get to the wiki right after this goes up as well.

I think I’m going to stagger the 1001 additions with my current Best Picture odyssey; I’m going to aim for each Sunday for the new 1001 films, as I did last year, and in the meantime I’ll keep going with the Best Picture nominees. Might be kinda weird for the next two months or so until I get caught up on the new 10, but hey; movies are movies, right? Well, as long as they don’t suck.

Thanks to those involved with getting the info on the new additions out to everyone; you know who you are, and the community thanks you. 🙂

Phase Two

Been saving this for Oscar Sunday. 🙂

So, I’ve had some time to consider what to do now that the 1001 List is complete for me. This consideration has been going on for the past week or so, and has stemmed from a few instigating reasons:

-I wanted to keep this blog going, even through the dead patches in between each successive edition of the List, and I wasn’t sure of how to go about doing that.
-In looking through other movie lists, there’s one that caught my eye on Letterboxd: a list of every film ever nominated for an Academy Award in any category. It features almost 5,000 films and spans the entire history of the Academy, including every nominee in every single category, even the defunct ones. 5,000 films is a hell of a list, and a hell of a goal, but it’s not going to be my goal, for two main reasons: It would take a really friggin’ long time, and I don’t want to watch some of those films that were nominated in some of the lesser categories (I’m looking at you, Norbit)(You too, Fifty Shades of Grey).
-I’ve been greatly enjoying 1001Plus Steve’s ongoing Oscar feature, which is basically going through the above list but limited to only the Big 5 Academy Awards (plus the animated features), and sharing his input on what he believes should have won for a category in a particular year once he’s seen every nominee for that award. If you’re an Oscar nut like I tend to be, you might want to favorite or bookmark his blog; it’s great reading, especially about films that you might not have heard of (that were Oscar nominated nonetheless).
-My work schedule has lessened as of late, now that the holidays are over, which lately has led to the final reason:
-I’m bored.

It’s mostly that last one, though. I spent most of last week with very little to do, and before the week was out, I had figured out what my antsy feeling was indicating, what fuel that little flame inside me was trying to gather for itself: I wanted to watch some movies.

To that end, I’ve made a similar decision as one that I made when I started this blog; I’d seen other 1001 blogs, as well as the Blog Club, and I’d wanted to join them, so I did. Same thing here.

I’ve decided to follow several other blogs that have done something like this (or, in some cases, exactly this) and I’m going to go ahead and attack the Oscar nominees, specifically for Best Picture. If, after I’m done, I decide to keep going with other categories, then I’ll keep going, but for now, I’m sticking to Best Picture as a sort-of litmus test.

There are currently 528 films that have been nominated for Best Picture, 531 if we include the 3 from the 1st ceremony that were nominated for Unique and Artistic Production, which since it was basically one half of what was at the time Best Picture, I am going to count them as well. Thanks to the 1001 List, I’ve seen almost half of the total nominees, so this will be a sizeable downgrade from the 1001 List in terms of how much I’ve got to finish. That’s not even considering the one nominee that has been lost, 1929’s The Patriot, as well as a few other nominees that are only available in extremely limited degrees, so this goal technically isn’t 100% achievable at the moment. Still, everything else I can get my hands on, I’m gonna try to.

I won’t, however, be going at it at the same pace as I did the 1001 list, or at least I don’t intend to; I’d like it to be a much more relaxed pace, both because of my sporadic work schedule and just to make it easier on me. I’d also like to go about it slightly differently as well; I’m opting to try and go through the nominees in order, from year to year, instead of a whatever order. This may be easier said than done, and I might not adhere to this as strictly as I’d like to, but for the most part, I’d like to keep the films in my mind a little easier by doing it this way, especially for the inevitable comparisons between nominees that will be made.

Speaking of which, I’ve found that on other blogs that have gone through Oscar nominees, there’s usually a feature of some sort that compares the nominees and decides, with the added benefit of hindsight, what should have won against what actually did win, or something to that end; Steve’s Oscar Got It Wrong being a prime example. Since it would pretty much be inevitable of me to make said comparisons myself once I actually go through the nominees, especially in order, I’m probably going to do the same, and in much the same way my ratings have been called arbitrary the whole length of this blog, I’m going the simple route and calling my segment Judging Oscar, since that’s basically what I’ll be doing. I don’t know if it will be a simple ranking of the nominees, or something a little different; I’ll figure it out when I get to the first one.

So, I’m going through the Academy Award nominees for Best Picture, roughly in order, and making my own judgment calls after each year is done as to what I think should have won versus what did win. Sounds fun, and hopefully I don’t regret deciding to go into this.

There’s a new Page up on the top bar there for the list of Best Picture nominees, and I’ll likely add a new category for the Judging Oscar segments when I get to the first one.

With all that said, let’s do this.

2015 Update

Here we go again!

A shiny new version of the Book has been released, adding 10 films from 2013-14 to the roster. I have currently seen 4 of them, and have reviews already written for 3, so expect those out in the coming weeks or so, depending on what order I feel like watching the new ones in. Based on the three reviews I already have done, as well as my initial expectations towards some of the new ones, this looks to be a much stronger year than 2013, even with three less entries, though the average might get thrown off a little bit by one or two of the new ones; more on that when I review them.

Once again, big thanks to Chip for the new ordering and confirming the new entries; my list has been updated, and I’ll likely get to the list on the wiki today as well.

Thanks to those who’ve stopped by during the roughly eight month hiatus this site ended up taking after I finished the 2013 films; it’s nice to know I wasn’t totally forgotten even after (and especially because) I finished the quest last year.

With that all said, let’s begin!

Epilogue (2014 Update)

There is still more to be had.

A new year means a new edition of the Book, and thanks to Tips from Chip, we now know that the leaked entries from two months ago are in fact correct, which means the quest is on once again. Chip has also been amazing enough to update the list order to account for the new additions as well as the removals, which have been placed at the end of their respective years, and I have updated the list on this site as well.

I already have reviews for two of the new entries typed up (as I was 100% positive both would make the list), so those’ll filter out eventually, and I will probably take my time with the new entries, as since I finished in August I’ve gotten quite used to not having a plethora of films to watch as well as write reviews for, so not only will my pacing be much more relaxed, it seems that my initial prognosis that this site would be a self-contained exercise is becoming more certain. Whether that prognosis will change in the future is up for debate, but for now, I’ve got around a dozen new films to watch.

Here’s to more films, now and in the coming years.

Outro (or: The End…?)

Well, here we are, or rather, here I am; a little under three years after I started this blog, I can say that I’ve seen every film in the Book. I could say a number of things, such as “It’s been a hell of an experience/adventure” or “I’ve seen so many amazing films, plus some I’d have rather not seen”, which are all true in their own way, but really, I’m left with surprisingly little to say. I wanted there to be some sort of grand conclusion to this whole quest, both for myself and for anyone who’s been keeping up with this blog, but here at the end, aside from the high coming off of the greatness of the last film I watched, it feels a little anticlimactic. I realize that I’ve finished the Quest, but, aside from the 2013 additions that should be out in the next month or so (if the ones that were leaked earlier this month are incorrect, which I don’t think they are), I’m merely left with a question I had figured for a while now would be waiting for me at the end: What do I do now?

Honestly, I’m not sure. When I started this blog, I had intended it to be a self-contained exercise; reviews for all the films in the Book, and that be that. The more it went on, though, the more I couldn’t see myself stopping after it was all over and done with. Since then, I’ve considered working on other lists, like the They Shoot Pictures Don’t They list, or the 101 Genre Movies books, but part of me is a little scared to try and start another massive undertaking like this one again, especially since I’ve heard about a few films on both lists that are nigh impossible to track down, even more so than the 1001 List. Another idea I’ve considered is simply doing reviews for the other films that I have in my personal library, which aren’t too many, but I don’t know; knowing me, I’ll probably just play it by ear.

One thing’s for sure; I will definitely be taking a break, even if it ends up only being a brief one. I wanted to finish before the next edition came out, though the films in the new one were apparently leaked near the beginning of the month, so I technically might’ve failed in that regard, but even still, with the announcement and jacket text posted on AmazonUK, plus the actual list on the official 1001 site, which seems to confirm the leaked entries, there’s at least some films I can watch and write reviews for for when the new edition ships (two of which I’ve seen, but will happily watch again for the sake of reviewing them). After that, though… who knows.

I guess I should make another announcement as well. It’s been a year since the site redesign and the addition of the header images, which have rotated monthly since I started with them. I got bored one day a while ago, and went through the Book, collecting header images for a whole bunch of films; so much so that, given a rough calculation, if I were to keep rotating it every month, I’d have enough for at least the next decade. That’s a long time to wait on some of them, plus, depending on what I end up doing with the site, I don’t really feel like having to wait on it hand and foot every month updating the header, especially if I do take an extended break. To that end, I’ve found a setting in WordPress to where it will randomly select a header image from a database of media files I can provide every time a new page is loaded, so I’ve decided to go ahead and do that. As of right now, the header image for my site is now randomized to pick from a huge selection I’ve uploaded, and from time to time I will try and add more to it. Maybe at some point in the future I’ll have a header for every film in the Book. I doubt it, but you never know.

So yeah, thanks for following along with me, for those of you that have been, and for whatever I end up doing from here. Whatever I do end up doing, hopefully it won’t be too long until I do.

Keep on filming.